It’s time to advance your business online and instantly connect people who need what you offer. Jeff’s Tech professionally utilizes the latest technology and incorporates it into your business by way of tweaking, bending, and tailoring it to your needs. With Jeff's Tech behind your business, your potential is lightning.

For commercial projects, inspiring website design, powerful graphics, as well as focused and targeted advertising, are designed with top-notch, expert specifications. Every anchor point and character code is precise and clean, made to reflect the high quality and attention to detail in your own business.

A moderate monthly rate takes care of everything: Securing an appropriate web address, hosting your website, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Web Software, E-Commerce and any routine or emergency maintenance, big or small.

If you are new to the online world and have never thought about taking your business online- now is the time to start. Whether you have certain and exact criteria in mind, or just a general idea- Jeff’s Tech will have it done. Lightning fast.


Web Design

With the wide range of businesses that we serve, designs often vary according to your preference, and each is built to your type of work or particular taste. During the initial build and template however, we have a set of priorities that are completed with each and every site.

Our priorities include:

A fast loading and efficient website, enabling access and ease of use on the wide variety of platforms that we use to access the internet. The more time your potential client is waiting for a webpage to load, the less work you have to display.

An aesthetically pleasing visual experience, while also retaining full and clean functionality. Slideshows of work completed, easy to use scheduling or quote system, and online commerce are just a few of the commonly needed tools used advance your business.

A stable foundation, unrestrictive of platforms, and compliant with all modern browsers. We want to ensure that your website looks good- both visually and interactively. While Javascript and Flash elements can be implemented, it may alienate mobile users, such as those with iPhones and other mobile browsers who are unable to view Flash.

If Flash or any scripts restricted to a limited browser type is needed for the main site, there will always be a fallback version that will keep you from alienating your customers.

Listed are some examples of completed projects. These are live, working websites that are currently in use today.

Fine Line Hot Rod Interiors

Fine Line Hot Rod Interiors - Manteca, California

Apple Ridge Farms

Apple Ridge Farms - Camino, California

F1F Productions

F1F Productions - Brentwood, California

Kandi's Pies And Pastries

Kandi's Pies And Pastries - Tracy, California

Woodard's Automotive

Woodard's Automotive - San Ramon, California



Business Graphics

Do you have interpretations or ideas for your new corporate identity, but aren’t quite sure how to make it a reality? Let Jeff’s Tech work with your personal illustration, concept, or design, and watch it come to life. We digitize personal sketches, manufacture custom images and logos, as well as render an idea of your own.

When you are ready to introduce your business to the latest technology, or have any questions about services offered, contact Jeff’s Tech anytime by email or call during business hours to get your project in motion today.

Delta DGA


Sometimes, projects don’t fit into common everyday categories, or only cater to a select market. We here at Jeff’s Tech understand and welcome the complexities that come with your niche group, and these creations are no challenge for us.

F1F Productions Live Camera

This particular project uses a live video feed to show the weather and water conditions out on the Delta.

UVNC Remote Connection

Using an encrypted, private connection, Jeff’s Tech has the ability to work with your computer remotely when you need assistance using or modifying your website. To use, open the provided remote application and select who you would like to connect to. We can then use the computer just like we are sitting next to you. When complete, simply close the app, and the connection will close



With such a large area of responsibility there is no worry that Jeff’s Tech will ever seem impersonal or out of touch. A Jeff’s Tech Representative will always be just a phone call away or a short drive from your office. Our representatives collaborate with the design team to translate an idea to a finished project.


Erik Muller

An avid writer and journalist, Erik creates vivid imagery through words and excels at the portrayal of thoughts on paper. He helps establish a professional look and feel to company goals and mission statements. He can help you conceptualize your idea, and provide He has a fondness of baseball, comics, and old vintage Japanese cars.


Jeff Thompson

The founder of Jeff's Tech, Jeff has an innate feel for both what the customer wants to say with his image and what the industry demands. His creative and artistic ideas can express your ideas digitally in a seamless translation. Jeff has created dynamic websites for businesses that span many industry types. While computers and web design have always been of interest to Jeff, he also has a large agricultural background.


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